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Issue 2/October 2012 - Tatyana Leonov


Meet The Designer

Morten Eik is a Norwegian born designer, educated and trained in australia, now living in Norway again.

What inspired your interest in design and what exactly do you design?

The need to create – it’s like I never stopped playing with Lego.

Whose design work do you admire?

I admire the work of peter opsvik, Harald Belker and Thomas pedersen.

How would you describe your design style?

Modern with elements of old-school design influences – and as varied as possible. Variation is what makes design interesting for me, and strangely you learn something from all projects – especially when it comes to mistakes – and that is what makes you a better designer.

How do you make your pieces environmentally friendly?

I have tried to produce goods as close to the market as possible instead of jumping on cheaper manufacturing options overseas.

What design trends do you foresee in the future?

I think trends will become less prominent and I believe there is room for more individuality. There is an army of talented designers out there to accommodate for this demand. That said I also believe the trends will be effected by the next generation of underlying materials – such as foam, fabrics and production techniques.

What makes Norway unique as a design hub?

Since I have recently moved back to Norway after living abroad for 10 years, I’ve been looking at the country as an anthropologist. My finding is that there are a lot of guts out there. The ambition in the companies I have been involved with is rarely less than gutsy and they are able and willing to invest in new and interesting products that very often push the envelope of what is out in the market.


Morten Eik designed the Vino Collection for sundays. The set (vino, corner, seat and puff) is composed of mostly powder-coated aluminium, while the cushions are made out of foam (which allows water to escape easily) making it the ideal set for outdoor use.

Corona, designed by London-based design studio Frank (the creative partnership of Pam West and Matt Edmonds) is more than just a functional light. Designed to echo the bulb’s brilliant function, the amplified scale of the bulb combines with the playful spin offs from the mirroring to create a playful visual effect.

Desk? Dressing table? Stiletto by Splinter Works can be one and all. the sinuous leg of the table, hand sculpted from solid walnut, acts as the ‘high heel’, while the iconic ‘red sole’ defines the underside of the table. Red baize lines the handle-less drawers, completing the seamless aesthetic.

Rebirth of a Rustic Masterpiece

Rebirth of a Rustic Masterpiece

Eat & Drink with Tatyana Leonov

Eat & Drink with Tatyana Leonov