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Issue 15.4/August 2012 - Words Tatyana Leonov


Get enthused about kitchen design with these inspirational ideas, tantalising trends and sensational style tips.

This contemporary kitchen was designed and built by Sublime Cabinet Design. The clean lines accentuate a free-flow aesthetic, allowing the creation of zones and space. Offsetting the timber grain, a quirky blue artwork provides a splash of colour, while the graphic elements in the artwork give the entire space a sense of uniqueness.

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Light it up!

Lighting sets the mood and today, with the plethora of quirky and kooky options, it pays to get it right — so go on, get creative.

An example of superior design combined with stunning lighting can be seen in this Dover Heights Portland project designed by Minosa. The project was exciting for many reasons, with one of the main features being the oversized scale of the voids and the way the zinc-clad box seemed to run through and penetrate the building. The brief was to come up with interior elements that supported this extraordinary piece of architecture.

Lighting played a key role in the design solution. As there were varying ceiling heights, uplighting was used to accentuate the void spaces and the zinc-clad box. The Minosa team had to customise the selected Gilda by Pallucco Italia pendant lights (to stop them swinging when the wall of bifold doors opens) to illuminate the dining table.

Colour also played a considerable role in the success of the space; the floating room was punched with orange to really highlight the box from all perspectives. Custom artwork with all interiors shades and hues was created to tie all interior elements together, with the oversized pendant lights really accentuating the void space.

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As island benches grow in popularity — who doesn’t love teppanyaki-style parties? — so do the options to light up the space. Here we’ve found a selection of feature lights that will have everyone’s eyes on them.

The stylish Semi pendant by Cult became a design classic after its two designers, Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup, won the industrial design competition in 1967 at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.

Tara is a suspension system with three or six diffusers in borosilicate blown glass, with an inner satin glass concealing the halogen lamp. Tara is available in a mirrored copper finish diffuser with a white ceiling plate or transparent diffusers with a silver aluminium ceiling plate.

Inside Out by Casamania design by Brian Rasmussen is a complete system of lamps available in floor, tabletop or ceiling versions. The sphere, characteristic for its typically Nordic form, is entirely crafted from aluminium.

This Taupe Curvy Chandelier was inspired from an original piece in a Spanish villa. The antique design has been modernised for a timeless classic look.

This Noon by Zeitraum design includes a feature 12-pendant design as well as different height-adjustable styles. Made from iron, the frames are black lacquered while the lampshades are made from white Lamitex.

These three lights were amongst a great number of innovative examples at Eurocucina 2012. Royston Wilson of Royston Wilson Design said, “Specialty lighting (often in groups of three) featured strongly in all areas of the home — often quirky and made from a variety of materials. Anything goes in the kitchen!”

Get the look — kitchen

White is the theme in this sleek kitchen by Gamadecor for Porcelanosa Grupo, and the beautiful rangehood by Elica is represented here with the pendant-like design that is suspended over the island bench. It’s not only functional but a true statement piece in the room.

The strong white theme is enhanced through the use of texture with the matt-white finish of the Krion benchtops. This composite material seamlessly integrates into the dining area, sloping down to form the base for the glass table. The properties of Krion are put to further use by softly rounding the corners of the benchtop and also creating a clever storage system for utensils and accessories.

The Loop tap by Noken for Porcelanosa Grupo mirrors the curves on the benchtop while adding a touch of sparkle with its beautiful polished chrome finish.

Gamadecor, Noken and Krion products available from Porcelanosa Grupo. For more information, visit

Recreate the clean and seamless look with these chic products

The Twin Hanging Rangehood by Elica is a stunning functional addition to any kitchen.

The Loop Tap by Noken is a single-lever sink mixer with discreet pull-out shower and swivel spout.

The Kink Oil Bottle featured in clear is perfect for a sleek, functional kitchen.

Acrylic salad servers by Zito come in a variety of colours and will add subtle depth to your kitchen.

These New York marble-honed tiles maintain the neutral colour palette while creating interest against the white theme.

The Miele Integrated Dishwasher is perfect for creating a cohesive kitchen with a white theme.

The Miele combi-steam oven will sit flush with your built-in kitchen — perfect for a modern look.

The Miele Built-in Nespresso Coffee Machine will complete the look.

Simple and smart, the Marimekko Oiva teapot will add clean lines to your white-themed kitchen.

Spring nights can be a little chilly, so ensure your kitchen is stocked with nifty devices to keep you warm and toasty until summer takes over. Think fields of poppies this spring, with pops of red among sleek black lines.

The Tefal Soup and Co is aimed at helping to make your job in the kitchen easier — with warm results.

The Russell Hobbs Metallic range includes some fabulous appliances for adding pops of colour, such as this Russell Hobs Kitchen Metallics two-slice toaster in Chill Red.

The Westinghouse Ice and Water side-by-side fridge is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly innovative and environmentally friendly.

The new soft-close oven doors from Siemens make sure they are as quiet as a mouse and comfortable to close.

The new FlexInduction cooktop is testament to Siemens’ commitment to innovation. FlexInduction now makes it possible to merge two cooking zones into one large induction surface at the touch of a button.

The Russell Hobbs Kitchen Metallics Kettle combines sleek functionality with a vibrant colour choice of Chilli Red (featured), Electric Blue or classic stainless steel.

The NewWave 6-in-1 multicooker is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, electric pot, soup and steamer, rice cooker, plus a deep fryer. What more do you need?

The chic Russell Hobbs adjustable salt-and-pepper mills are now available in a new colour range and make for a stylish and practical accessory in any kitchen.

The Super Sear slow cooker from Kambrook has a removable die-cast pot that can be used on the stove to sauté or sear ingredients before returning to the slow cooker.

Professional-level kitchen appliances are in strong demand, with home cooks keen to emulate the efficiency and style of commercial kitchens. The new Domino collection by Smeg consists of beautifully low-profile, sleek cooktops, each with a specific purpose. The 30cm hobs make the customisation of any kitchen more affordable and far more practical.

The indoor barbecue comes with cast-iron pan stands, a lava rock interior, 1800 watts of power and nine heat levels.

The Teppanyaki plate in stainless steel comes with two independent induction zones, five power levels and a quick-start option.

The deep fryer includes a removable 3.6-litre capacity tank, 2200 watts of power, a residual heat indicator and an overheating protection system.

The single-burner gas hob.

The C9 oven comes with a freestanding 90cm-wide multiple gas burner and optimum oven capacity.

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Designer bathrooms

No longer “just bathrooms”, the sky is the limit when it comes to today’s “wellness centres”. Here, we feature four innovative concepts in bathroom design.

Finishes and furnishings are now keywords when it comes to bathroom designs, with bathrooms being increasingly embraced as an important design feature of the home. “Bathrooms have had a huge growth in the past 10 years, with the emphasis changing from a wash area to one of luxury and personal indulgence,” Royston Wilson of Royston Wilson Design explains. Katrina Luxton, also from Royston Wilson Designs, adds, “Bathrooms reminiscent of a day spa are becoming more common when working out a brief with a client.”

Kaety Thompson, senior design consultant at Candana agrees that bathroom design is changing — and for the better. “Bathrooms are no longer being classified as utility wash areas,” she says. “More and more, bathrooms are being designed with finishes and furniture in mind — wallpapers, stools and lighting are a big part of bathrooms now whereas in the past they wouldn’t even be a consideration.”

This shift in thought is opening a whole new set of doors, and with technological advancements and new durable materials the design aesthetic is changing. “Technological advances in lighting, water play and shape are constantly changing the boundaries,” Royston explains. “Water is not merely a way to wash ourselves anymore but an experience that is used to make our bodies tingle! Body jets, massage sprays and waterfalls in our showers are not unusual any more. Baths with spas that have true therapeutic benefits and mood lighting are aspired to.”

Kaety agrees, citing the increasing popularity of the Cubo Doccia LED showerheads and baths (made from natural materials) indicative of this shift. “Although in-wall cisterns have been around for a while, we are finding them to be at their most popular now,” she explains. “In the past, in-wall cisterns were really only chosen by architects and used in commercial spaces. Now that clients seem to be more comfortable with them, they are proving to be the more popular choice.”

The shape of basins, baths and cabinetry is constantly evolving, with the focus now being on the shape in an effort to provide greater comfort, flexibility and a different and pleasing design aesthetic.

Lighting in the bathroom is another arena of change and evolution. “Night lights, vanity lights and LED lights are now used to create changing scenes for each user of the bathroom,” Katrina says.

Here we bring you three innovative bathroom design concepts with expert tips on how to achieve that look.

1 Wallpaper

This ensuite was designed as beautiful sanctuary with a retreat-style feel, as a space for relaxation. “Somewhere you can feel like you have been transported to another place,” Katrina Luxton of Royston Wilson Design explains.

Fluidity, shape and colour all played a key role in the design, with the wallpaper installed to link the elements. “The wallpaper has a very definite look and was installed on the bath wall above the tile splashback. This is complemented by a rug that picks up the colour of the wallpaper. The effect is magnificent,” Katrina says. The chandelier adds to the allure of the space, accentuating the lavishness of the space.

Travertine was used on the vanity tops, floor and walls, and acts as a perfect backdrop for the stronger colours in the wallpaper and rug. The appeal of a natural stone is subtle in its luxury.

The lines in this bathroom are clean but not minimalist. The wallpaper, chandelier and rug add the warmth, impact and luxury that were essential components of delivering the dream for this client.

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Katrina Luxton from Royston Wilson Design shares five quick tips when it comes to installing wallpaper in your bathroom

1)  Employ a professional to do the hanging.

2)  Use a quality product. Wallpaper, like most things in life, varies in quality.

3)  Avoid hanging directly where your water source is. Use tiles to create a splash barrier and then paper above that.

4)  Wallpaper can be changed far easier than tiles, so it allows for a “change of scenery” without any fuss.

5)  Use wallpaper in the same way that you would a feature wall — flaunt it!

2) Curves

The Kalla Collection of baths and washbasins was designed by Oriano Favaretto for Italian bathroom brand Mastella. This beautiful range is now available in Australia through Abey.

The soft, sinuous lines of the Kalla Collection were inspired by the lily of the same name, and the Kalla range offers great personality and a strong aesthetic impact. The fluid, sweeping profile captivates the senses and exudes refined design and natural elegance.

Mastella is available through Abey Australia. For more information, visit

Daniela Fava from Mastella delves into why curves are so popular in design.

1)  Symbolism in design says that curves correspond to moments of intimacy and introspection.

2)  Geometry in design can influence emotion and can therefore improve wellbeing. Studies have proven that curves in furnishings have more positive effects than straight lines.

3)  Curves remind us of the sense of protection and warmth experienced as a child from our mothers and grandmothers; therefore, curved baths represent a protective embrace that’s ideal for relaxing moments.

3 LED lighting in the bathroom

This seaside bathroom is an architectural structure that has given pride of place to a modern stylistic solution, with great attention given to details and to both the aesthetic and functional features.

The atmosphere is strongly shaped by the interruptions between man-made space and surrounding nature — broad views, a large window looking to the horizon and roofing in wood that recalls the natural materials of the flooring.

By day in sunlight, the glass windows reflect water, sky and trees; by night it becomes a huge, brightly luminous space, the Cubo Doccia LED showerhead is a stunning focal point.

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Kaety Thompson, senior design consultant at Candana shares her five tips about using LED lighting in bathrooms

1) Using LED lighting under a wall cabinet can be very effective. Whether under a mirror cabinet or bathroom vanity, it will create a soft glow and ambience. 

2)  LED lighting can be very effective around mirrors; the luminance of LEDs will brighten your face rather than cast a shadow, as downlights can.

3)  Incorporating LEDs into showerheads can create an interesting feature for the shower recess. When the light crosses the water jet it provides shadow effects and fascinating light patterns.

4)  Tapware with coloured LED lighting is popular. As well as providing a feature piece within the bathroom, it also helps to identify the temperature of the water (eg red for hot, blue for cold and purple for warm). 

5)  LEDs are the perfect lighting for the bath area. Recessed wall lights surrounding a bath create a relaxing, spa-like environment.

Bath time

If you prefer to unwind with a book in a luxurious bath, we’ve got you covered with the latest designs to make bath time all about you.

The Kaldewei Centro Duo 2 has it all: looks, luxury and room for two. Royston Wilson of Royston Wilson Design, says: “We still love the luxury of a freestanding bath, but not every bathroom lends itself to this. A true freestanding bath needs space to be set off to its best advantage. That’s where the back-to-wall baths and three-sided hobs have gained popularity. Space is maximised, cleaning is kept to a minimum and we still achieve a retreat-style feel. Organic shapes are being prototyped at European trade shows as we see a move towards softer lines and the desire for something a little different for our personal day spas. As the perception of the world has changed from “safe” to “uncertain”, the person on the street has developed a keen interest in developing their own private sanctuary away from the hustle, bustle and constant technology of the world — a place to relax and unwind. The bath is being viewed as a great investment in wellbeing.”

The pure oval bowls of the Kohler Presqu'ile bath, fixed in place with the thinnest sliver of material, provide elegance and sophistication.

Featuring sculpted lumbar supports at both ends, the Kohler Askew lithocast two-person acrylic bath is sure to impress designers and homeowners alike, while offering a luxurious bathing experience. The integrated slotted overflow and self-covered toe-tap drain complete the uninterrupted look and clean aesthetic.

The Edge bath by Victoria + Albert boasts a striking linear form with softly contoured corners, offering the ultimate in relaxation. Ultra-compact at 1495mm in length, the bath is designed to provide deep, double-ended luxury in a compact size.

The Caroma Noir is one of the latest products to be added to the Caroma’s freestanding bath portfolio. It has a distinct two-tone colouring, a seamless look and an organic shape with a subtle high back and tapered design, so is bound to be the centre of attention in anyone’s bathroom.

Unveiled in Milan at the Salone del Mobile, the new curvy Cabrits bath by Victoria + Albert is a fusion of modern ergonomics and stunning design. Named after the exotic national park in the Caribbean, Cabrits is an exclusive peninsula at the northern end of the island of Dominica that features tropical forests, coral reefs and wetlands. The Cabrits landscape still displays the two volcanoes that were once active in the region, which are mirrored in the bath’s silhouette.

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