It’s Good To Be Yoo

It’s Good To Be Yoo

It’s Good To Be Yoo

Luxury Home Design

Issue 15.2/April - Words Tatyana Leonov


Beautiful textures, vibrant colours and outstanding craftsmanship epitomise Yoo’s latest dazzling design.

Moscow, once the heart and soul of communism, is now the epicentre of glamour and glitz. Champagne corks pop in exclusive nightclubs, dance floors are filled with Moscovites in Prada, Gucci and Louis Vutton, swaying to the sultry tones of live bands or hits from international DJs, the nightly queues to get into some of these venues swerve round street corners. Moscow is a 24-hour city. If you want a three- course meal at 5am you’ll find one. Somewhere to dance on a Tuesday night? Easy. Designer furniture? Indian food? Rock opera? It’s all there and more. Moscow is the city of glitz, glamour and extravagance.

Today, construction cranes have joined the cupolas of Russian Orthodox churches, creating a mish-mash of old and new, merging the two yet differentiating the completely unlike lifestyles. This hindrance is also the beauty of Moscow. The look of the city changed drastically during the Soviet era, and though Orthodox churches are still scattered (one on every corner in some suburbs) they now provide just a glimpse into what once was.

Parts of the capital that were once desolate are filled with luxury boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants and chic bars. New buildings have been erected. Drab apartment blocks have been restyled as lavish penthouses selling for millions to the Moscow elite. Moscow is in, and everyone who is anyone knows it, including Yoo.

Since 1999, Yoo has been working with international developers on a multitude of residential, hotel and commercial projects throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America and the Middle East. Yoo is responsible for the design of more than 10,000 homes in 31 cities, with Moscow being the latest Yoo by Starck makeover. The Barkli Park development, consisting of 130 luxury apartments, is now another one of Moscow’s architectural monuments, alongside St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin, albeit one of a rather different variety.

Located in the heart of Moscow next to the scenic Ekaterinsky Park, the Barkli Park complex is an inspirational and unique space within a rousing environment. Developed by renowned Russian developer Barkli Corporation, the 130 opulent apartments designed by Yoo inspired by Starck are luxuriously lavish.

The focus of the design aesthetic is lifestyle; the apartments are housed in two separate towers and the complex features indoor and outdoor winter gardens, outdoor roof terraces that take advantage of the luscious green surroundings, and an array of other communal areas encouraging interactivity within the modern structure. “Moscow is a vibrant city that has long had an appreciation for unique design,” explains John Hitchcox, chairman of Yoo. “Barkli Park seeks to provide luxury living, as well as contribute towards the wellbeing of residents and enhance their lifestyles. Philippe has the ability to conceptualise exactly what the market currently requires, as he has done to great effect with Barkli Park.”

Stepping into the interior spaces of the structure allows you to lose yourself in the magic of truly inspirational design — a world of drama, art and grandeur. Any place designed by Philippe Starck encapsulates a world of imagination, surprises and fabulous fantasy, and this project is no different. “I like to open the doors to people’s brains,” he says.

The Barkli Park complex is represented through four striking apartment designs — Minimal, Classic, Nature and Culture — each embodying the pinnacle of a design masterpiece.

The Classic dwellings embody an appreciation of the finer things in life, appealing to the connoisseur with an understanding of what the high life has to offer. In a merging influence of splendid Italian villas, majestic Scottish castles and chic French chateaux, Philippe Starck has taken the best of what European interior design culture has to offer and created the Classic design.

Materials of the highest quality were chosen for their natural beauty, as well as their environmental sustainability. All apartments are furnished with top-of-the-line Warendorf kitchens, finished according to individual design palettes with Makore veneer, ultra-white lacquer, mirror glass and stainless steel.

A lounge area might feature luxurious furniture items, emphasising the sumptuous feel of the eclectic and stylish space. Sofas in deep black velvet, cushions by Christian Lacroix for Designers and Fornasetti, deluxe silk rugs and custom-made furnishings are just some of the stunning interior features on offer.

Each room exudes that vibrant lifestyle factor that Philippe Starck was able to capture in his dazzling design. The grandeur of a dining room is further enhanced not only in the furniture chosen, but also in the striking table ware; picture Benday gold dinner plates, Royal Oak gold-plated cutlery and Lladro gold-plated red wine glasses as your evening meal setup. It’s evident the Classic-style apartments are appealing through the strong mix of both classic and contemporary fundamentals they offer.

Exquisite lighting elements come from the world-class contemporary designers at Flos, La Murrina and Andromeda. Elegant chandeliers, table and floor lamps are featured prominently across various rooms in the dwellings, further encapsulating the feeling of luxury.

The pristine bathrooms are gracefully appointed with minimalist mixer taps from Axor Starck and Duravit by Starck plumbing, the double vanity units and spatial generosity providing comfort and easy accessibility for residents.

Through utilising an array of textures, materials and finishes across all the rooms in the Classic deluxe apartments, Philippe Starck was able to create a space that redefines opulence and meets timeless appeal. The deeply tactile and sensual space allows residents to utilise their senses with soft leathers, dark woods and an abundance of mahogany in a calming and stylish colour palette. It’s these details that imbue each room with European refinement and encapsulate the essence that is Yoo.

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