Stunning Hotels

Stunning Hotels

Stunning Hotels


Issue 2/October 2012 - Words Tatyana Leonov


Stylish and sumptuous, modern and magnificent, extravagant and ethereal, boutique hotels differ not only in their design approach, but in what they offer. They’re not always the most accessible or affordable – but that’s the point. these hotels should be seen to be believed – at least once.

Hotel Silken Puerta América, Madrid Spain

Eclectic and daring Hotel Silken Puerta América Madrid is designed to delight. With 12 different floors, and 12 different looks, the interior scheme of the hotel offers 12 ways of understanding architecture and the design.

Each of the floors is an escape into another world through the interplay of colours, materials, shapes, textures and patterns, while the rooms entice guests to utlise their senses – to touch, to see, and even to breathe and smell. 

The creation of the hotel was a collaboration between 19 of the top architecture and design studios in the world from 13 different countries. the spaces are reflections of the architects’ work, and in many cases of their culture and way of viewing the world.

Blow Up Hall 5050 Hotel, Poznań Poland

Guests are encouraged to participate in artistic experimentation at the Blow Up Hall 5050 hotel in Poznań, Poland. There’s no reception room – guests are provided with iPhones instead to locate and enter their individually-designed rooms using it recognition technology.

Masterminded by the successful Polish businesswoman, art collector and philanthropist Grazyna Kulczyk, the hotel showcases Kulczyk’s extensive collection of modern art, including an interactive, pixellated work by the acclaimed Mexican- Canadian artist Rafael lozano-hemmer.

the interior scheme blends and cuts black and white lines and squares with splashes of bright colour, resulting in an optical chimera. With 22 luxurious rooms, all fit out with high-tech and lavish interiors, a bar and a restaurant specialising in (you guessed it) Polish cuisine, it’s the place to stay just for the experience – assuming you are comfortable using an iPhone of course.

Sans Souci Hotel and Residencies, Vienna Austria

Located in the heart of Vienna, opposite the Museum of Modern Art and overlooking St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace, the new Sans souci hotel and Residences adds a new dimension to accommodation options in one of Europe’s cultural districts.

World-renowned design studio yoo collaborated with property developers Sans Souci Group to create the five-star luxury boutique hotel. The opulent hotel has 62 rooms, 14 exclusive fully-serviced apartments, restaurant, lobby, bar, plus a huge spa area. This is the place to hang; fitted out with two treatment rooms, three saunas, spa, steam bath, relaxation rooms and a fitness area, you’re spoilt for choice.

By combining detailed finishes, a warm colour palette and a freshly- modern design aesthetic, yoo has sought to create a modern take on traditional Viennese design, while still maintaining the building’s historic charm and exterior.

Hôtel De Glace, Québec City Canada 

Since ooening in 2001, over half a million people have stayed at the iconic Hôtel de Glace in Québec City, Canada. Recently redesigned, the hotel offers the ultimate nordic adventure – you guessed it – a stay in a room where the interior scheme is... ice.

It’s good looking ice though – think gigantic snow vaults and crystalline ice sculptures – it’s quite the ephemeral work of art!

The hotel has 36 rooms (beds are made from blocks of ice, a solid wood base and come with a comfy mattress) and you can choose your sub-zero experience (the more luxurious suites come with a fireplace to warm things up a bit). You’ll still need to sleep in layers of clothing to stay warm, but the hotel provides detailed instructions on what to pack and wear.

It’s not all fire and ice though. Water comes into the equation in the nordic relaxation area where guests have the oppotunity to relax under the stars in the outdoor spa and sauna. Clothing guidelines arn’t as strict here.

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