Taipei Hit List

Taipei Hit List

Taipei Hit List

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September 2013


Taipei locals love their lurou fan – a simple and traditional tasty street food dish – fatty pork braised in a sweet soy sauce served over white steamed rice. It’s very Taipei, so much so that the Taipei government started a 'Lurou fan is ours campaign' when, in 2011, the Michelin Green Guide stated that the dish originated from the Shandong Province in China. Writes Tatyana Leonov.


Shilin Night Market

Some of Taipei’s biggest and best streets dedicated to street food snacking can be found at the Shilin Night Market. Street vendors change, so there’s no exact place to go. If locals are lining up, you’ll probably find it’s good lurou fan – succulent, saucy and rich. No. 101, Jīhé Rd, Shilin District.

Formosa Chang

With over 30 locations in Taipei, this fast food chain does lurou fan quickly, and well. The pork slivers come doused in a thick, sweet soy sauce and the dish is consistent in its intense flavour and pleasantly stringy texture across all their Taipei restaurants.

Jin Feng Lu Rou Fan

The chefs at this small street-side joint get the ratio of pork and fat just right in their lurou fan. The finely sliced pork strips are stewed in a syrupy soy gravy for a beautifully balanced dish. 10 Roosevelt Rd, Section 1.

Silk Palace

The luxe five-floor restaurant located on the National Palace Museum premises doesn’t look like the place for lurou fan – but you can get it here. The head chef uses pork neck and skin to acquire the jelly-like texture, adding ginger, red onion, fried spring onion and garlic to finish off the flavoursome dish. 221 Chishan Rd Section 2, Shilin, 

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