A man in China is offering almost $190,000 to rent a girlfriend

A man in China is offering almost $190,000 to rent a girlfriend

24 January 2014


RENTING a girlfriend is becoming more common in China to stop parents nagging. This guy's offering to pay a lot for a date.

RENTING a girlfriend is not unusual in China, especially around Chinese New Year.

It's getting more common for partnerless Chinese men to advertise for girlfriends online using social media sites. They want a girl to take home for holidays to minimise the constant nagging they get from families about being single.

This unusual situation reveals the dating difficulties the Chinese youth face, and offers an insight into parent-child relationships in China.

If you've got the cash, however, it's easy to do.

One rich guy is offering one million Yuan (equivalent to almost $190,000 in Australia) for a date. The news was first reported on China's leading social networking website, Weibo and came from an account called Host of Henan newscast.

To strengthen the message the picture is of him sitting behind a great big fat wad of cash ... actually many wads of cash.

His post explains that he has been too busy working on projects to find a girlfriend, and he's pretty specific about the kind of girl he wants.

The girl has to be under 25, over 1.68m tall, weigh less than 50kg, have a bachelor degree at a minimum - oh and be sweet too. Extra points go to applicants who have a doctorate degree ... and virgins (and the reward increases by 10 per ce).

So, what about a virgin with a doctorate degree?

The man is not revealing his identity, but has confirmed that his offer is a genuine to Chinese media.

May the best man (or young, skinny, smart virgin in this case) win.

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