Are you brave enough to try the world's wackiest cocktails?

Are you brave enough to try the world's wackiest cocktails?

11 January 2014


THIRSTY? You won't be after reading this. Take a look at the five wackiest cocktails from around the world. One even involves a sour toe. Yes, you read that right.

WEIRD and wacky can be fun, if you're brave enough to get in on the game. Here, a toast to the weirdest and wackiest cocktails around the world.

1) Sourtoe Cocktail

Guess what the key component in the Sourtoe Cocktail is? A sour toe ... seriously. It's a preserved, amputated toe. The gross (it is gross, there's no tiptoeing around it) 'garnish' is dropped into a glass of Champagne or beer, and then there is only one rule - you need to make sure your lips touch the toe, otherwise you may have not as well drunk it. The unusual drink is available at the appropriately named Sourtoe Cocktail Club, Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, Yukon. No-one knows the exact origins of the drink, but what we do know is that it was 'invented' in 1973 and about 60,000 brave people have reportedly tried it to date. Apparently the hotel has gone through about 12 toes since its inception and those who do accidentally swallow it (it's happened a few times) have to pay a $500 fine - apparently toes are not easy to come by.

Where? Sourtoe Cocktail Club, Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, Yukon.

Why? We have no idea.

2) Duck Fart

The Duck Fart is made by pouring different liquors on layer by layer and not mixing them together. It's usually made with Kahlua, Baileys Irish Cream and Crown Royal, and can be drunk like a shot or on the rocks if you prefer. You're not allowed to add ice cubes as they can muddle up the layers. Its history can be traced back to around 1980 and it's growing in popularity in Alaska at a steady rate.

Where? Alaska

Why? Umm ... there are no amputated toes in it?

3 ) The Crapper

The good thing about this cocktail is that it's tasty - think a chocolate-based Piña Colada garnished with a Snickers bar. The bad thing? It comes in a toilet bowl - which takes away any level of classiness. There is another good thing though (if you like toilet bowls) - if you finish the whole cocktail you can keep the 'glass' it came in, which considering how many kilojoules you'd consume drinking it might come in good use later.

Where? Rock and Rita's, Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Why? A Snickers makes for good garnish.

4) Wakey, Wakey, Mary, Eggs and Bacey

This is more like a meal, initially designed to help hung-over folks in Nevada. The Bloody Mary is just the base (not just a normal Bloody Mary though, this one has horseradish-infused vodka), then hot sauce, Irish stout, a garnish of pickled vegetables, quail eggs, bacon ... oh and a grilled cheese sandwich too! It's an over-the-top play on breakfast, combined with the hair of the dog, says Duncan Mitchell, owner of Chapel Tavern.

Where? Chapel Tavern, 1099 S Virginia St Reno, Nevada

Why? Perhaps you're really, really hung-over ... and in Nevada ... and maybe you like quail eggs.

5) Gunpowder Plot

We're not really sure what 'gunpowder flavours' means, but that's what these guys infuse their gin with. Then they shake the gin with fernet branca (a traditional herbal digestive) and egg white. By doing this they create a thick layer of froth on the top. When the cloche is closed and smoke is added the froth is infused with a smoky, wooden flavour giving the drink a completely new edge. This smoking technique takes the drink to a whole other level. It comes served in a smoking cloche amid a pile of twigs and oak-scented fog.

Where? Zeta Bar, Hilton, 488 George Street, Sydney.

Why? Because James Bond would approve.

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