China is about to get tinderized

China is about to get tinderized

23 December 2013


CHINA'S dating scene may undergo a drastic change if Tinder is introduced within a year.

IF YOU haven't heard of Tinder you might be living under a rock, or happily married... or both.

And if you have heard of Tinder you could well be one of many millions of people using it to hook up and get tinderized.

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And now China is about to get tinderized... well maybe... and this potential significant move could see a whole influx of Tinder users.

Tinder was launched in September 2012 and has grown at a remarkable rate. Users are able to sign in and view pictures of other singletons through the app. According to Sydney app developer Dan Nolan, "it's one of the most ethical dating apps on the market." However, to avoid the use of fake accounts users sign in through Facebook - which is banned in China.

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The CEO of mobile dating app Tinder, Sean Radd, has allegedly revealed plans to expand into China within a year, but it's hard to imagine how, given the Facebook link. China has one of the strictest online monitoring policies in the world, so to introduce Tinder to the Chinese market would requite a massive shift in China's strategy... or Tinder would need to introduce the app to the Chinese market without the Facebook link - a much more realistic prospect.

True love thanks to Tinder?

The US-based app has experienced phenomemanl growth across the globe, with the UK and the Netherlands emerging as the latest fastest growing markets, with an average expansion rate of 2 per cent every day.

To introduce the app into China would potentially increase those numbers massively. According to the China Internet Network Information Centre, China had 464 million mobile internet users at the end of June 2013, with the number rapidly rising.

The potential for Tinder in China would therefore be a whole mass tinderization.

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