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Fashion Industry Broadcast

November 2008



M∙A∙C Cosmetics is recognised as one of the most revolutionary and influential cosmetic companies in the world. Established in 1984, M∙A∙C is the brainchild of Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. Frustrated by the lack of colours tha t would shoot well in their photography the two Franks cooked up the cosmetics in their own kitchen. “They both recognised the need for cosmetic products that would retain their integrity under the intense glare of high powered lights on photographic shoots,” explains Julie Otter, Brand General Manager of M∙A∙C Australia.

From the start M∙A∙C stood out. While other major cosmetic companies were chiefly skincare companies, M∙A∙C choose to establish itself as the ultimate colour authority. Their whole approach was different – the packaging of products, the investment to train staff, the blend of unique and high-quality ingredients. For over 20 years M∙A∙C has remained true to its core. Represented in 56 countries across 750 locations, launching four colour collections every six weeks, M∙A∙C continues to invest in its staff, to provide support for all customers, to create remarkable products. “M∙A∙C products are a fusion of remarkable artistry, rich colours, professional formulas and specialised craft,” says Otter. “From lipstick and mascara to foundations and brushes, the outstanding products, social consciousness initiatives and uniquely individualistic spirit of M∙A∙C continue to attract customers of all races, all sexes and all ages across the globe.”

And they do. Zoomlash Mascara, Smolder Eye Kohl and Bronzing Powder are some of our top sellers amongst 1000 Sku’s of colour ranging from foundations to eye’s and lips,” says Otter. “In addition, we have M∙A∙C PRO, a line of cutting edge performance-tested products developed exclusively for professional makeup artists.” Consisting of more than 250 products, the line is sold in 19 specially-designed stores around the globe.

The self-expressive M∙A∙C PRO Team are actively involved in the development of new products, colours and techniques. They work together with designer’s to create the season’s top runway trends at fashion collections in New York, Milan, Paris, London and other cities. They create on-screen looks for celebrities and attend awards events and photo shoots. “In November, the team will be backstage at the 10th Annual Inside Film Awards, working with the best in the Australian Film Industry,” says Otter.

Then there’s M∙A∙C Artists – the diverse faces seen in the M∙A∙C stores. M∙A∙C Artist Relations ­– the direct link between M∙A∙C and the professional makeup community who provide updated products, colours and textures to makeup artists who work in the media. And M∙A∙C Online offers easily accessible information and a dynamic shopping experience.

Beyond beauty products, M∙A∙Cs efforts on behalf of AIDS, cruelty-free testing and recycling programs remain an integral part of its culture. The M∙A∙C AIDS fund is the largest non-pharmaceutical giver. One hundred percent of sales from the MAC VIVA GLAM lipstick and lipglass go to the fund. As of November 2007, 7.1 million VIVA GLAM lipsticks have been sold and US$100 million raised. “We’re also proud of our ongoing support of Australian Fashion,” explains Otter. “For the last three years M∙A∙C has been the makeup sponsor for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, working closely with Australian designers to create inspirational catwalk looks each season.”

From one country to another, one makeup artist to another, M∙A∙C is true to itself. The brand has kept its niche image, while also becoming the number two makeup brand in the US.


Napoleon Perdis

“Napoleon Perdis is Hollywood. Napoleon Perdis is translating runway and red carpet to reality. Napoleon Perdis is a treasure chest experience,” says Napoleon, the face and founder of the brand.

Since picking up his first brush, at the age of eight, to help his mother prepare for a get-together, the self-taught makeup expert has aimed high. Perdis debuted in 1992 when he launched a small makeup studio in Leichhardt, Sydney. Then came the Napoleon Perdis makeup academy. “I was inspired by beauty therapists and hairdressers and people that wanted to learn how to apply makeup – and how to apply makeup with a glamour twist. It’s the oldest part of our business,” he explains. “Education is knowledge and knowledge is power and power is beauty.”

And beauty is something everybody wants a piece of, so Perdis makes it possible with his vast arrange or products. “Worldwide my number one product is my Auto Pilot Primer, because not to prime is a crime,” he jokes. “In Australia the Camera Finish and China Doll Foundations are lead products and the Patrol range has really taken off. The range is really about taking on the urban jungle and being in control of the city.”

He has also recently developed a secondary line – NP Set. The collection is inspired by the world’s fashion capitals, with exuberant colors. The easy-to-use collection is available in Target in the US, and will soon be available in Australian Targets. “What I have noticed is that Australia has a certain freshness and a certain commandship,” he observes.

With openings due soon in Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, South America, Canada and the Middle East, the brand is quickly gaining international recognition and women across the globe are waking up to apply Napoleon Perdis to their face. “My journey has been one of self-discovery. I didn’t just do makeup to beautify people and women, I did makeup to discover what life is about.”

Life is about inspiration. “Every day and every moment is inspiration,” Napoleon remarks. The Napoleon Perdis philosophy is not dictated by fashion, it’s dictated by passion and is a celebration of natural beauty with confidence-building products. It’s also a brand that celebrates being you, and staying true to yourself. “Napoleon Perdis is about female empowerment and making sure that females can tell their makeup story as they want too, in their own customised format,” Napoleon explains.

In addition, Napoleon is an in-demand makeup artist with an array of diverse clients. Since unveiling in the US, the Napoleon Perdis brand has ratcheted up celebrity fans including Evangeline Lilly, Winona Ryder, Debra Messing, Melissa George, Kelly Hu, Nicollette Sheridan, Rose McGowan, and Hilary and Hayley Duff. Napoleon Perdis is also the makeup brand used at many US red carpet events including the prime-time Emmy awards, club events, events for cancer and more. “In Australia we work with ovarian cancer. We work with abused children and helping them through charity.”

Tackling the global beauty industry head-on, Napoleon has his hands full. Brushes in one hand, lip gloss in the other, he’s taking his brand to the top.



First established in the sixties to provide scientific solutions in beauty and haircare, Redken revolutionised the professional salon business by introducing the concept of protein reconditioning. Based on evidence that hair is primarily composed of proteins, Redken developed new and innovative protein-based products that were able to condition hair internally, and for the long term.

Today, Redken is a global leader in the haircare market, renowned for its effective formulations and advancements in technology. With an extensive and specialised product portfolio stretching across haircare, styling, men’s grooming and professional in-salon colour services, Redken is the keeper of over 60 global patents on products and ingredients. The two latest patents to emerge onto the market for protein technology are the basis for Redken haircare and styling lines.

Redken headquarters are located at the iconic NYC destination 5th Avenue, and this is the hub of inspiration and creativity for the company. Now a premium NYC salon brand, Redken 5th Avenue NYC is characterised by an eclectic mix of fashion, science and inspiration. “Through fashion, Redken expresses a sense of urban creativity inspired by the spirit, the energy and the style of NYC streets,” explains Australia’s General Manager for Redken, Ann-Maree Mason. “Science describes the development of groundbreaking products through pioneering research and patented innovations. Inspiration refers to the artistic foundation of Redken and its marked link to the salon industry.”

What was once a scientific brand, sold in pharmacies, is now the guru of haircare, the brand the people trust, the brand the professionals trust. Through research, development, different marketing strategies, and product innovations, Redken was able to create a new spot on the market and sit comfortably in it. “Product innovations are a way of life for Redken,” explains Mason. “Most recently we’ve launched Urban Experiment Wool Shake, a styling product inspired by trends seen in fashion that features a unique cotton-infused technology to create the ultimate in tousled, sexy hair. Real Control, another recently launched haircare regimen, provides a unique combination of strength, softness and control for many unruly hair types across a selection of six products.” Redken products encapsulate the brand and stand out as innovative, fresh and appealing.

“Redken also sponsors fashion week and festivals around the world and has some of the most talented session stylists working under the banner,” continues Mason. Two of the biggest session stylists partnered with Redken at the moment include internationally renowned artist Guido Palau and Australia’s own Kenneth Stoddard.

Locally, Redken is the Premium Hair Partner for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, and internationally, Redken is the hair director behind some of the world’s most renowned designer shows. Guido Palau, Creative Director for Redken has recently completed the shows for S/S09 Fashion Week in New York, Milan and Paris and directed shows for Marc Jacobs, Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Luis Vuitton.

Exclusive global sponsorships, capturing trends and translating them into products, are just some of the ways Redken communicates its eclectic mix of fashion and science to the world. 

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