The 10 weirdest and wackiest travel stories of the year revealed

The 10 weirdest and wackiest travel stories of the year revealed

20 December 2013


THIS year has been huge ... and we've got the hugely outrageous stories to prove it. And the year isn't over ... yet ...

Here's the church, in all its morning glory. Source: NewsComAuSource:NewsComAu

IT'S BEEN a big year ... and a weird year.

Here are the top 10 outrageous travel stories, finds, discoveries - call them what you will.

1. Life is tough for travellers. No air conditioning outside when lining up to catch a boat. And fish - in water - you have got to be kidding. It's not easy traversing around the globe. We collated a bunch of weird complaints from these poor, unfortunate people.

2. None of them compare to the epic complaint letter of the year though. The well-written letter even got the attention of Sir Richard Branson ...

3. But how weird does a complaint have to be to get everyone's attention? What do you think you'd have to do to wake these odd-looking sleepers ... beware you can find them on almost every mode of transport if you look hard enough.

4. This guy even filmed an awkward sleeper.

5. In other news, a grumpy customer at a Chinese zoo discovered that the lions showcased were, in fact, dogs. I'd feel ripped off too.

6. And New Zealanders discovered a scary-looking corpse that resembled a mysterious 'sea monster' on Pukehina Beach.

7. In South Africa locals were scratching their heads upon an alien discovery (insert eerie music).

8. And there was more head scratching. This time at Manchester Museum - thanks to an Egyptian statue that spins all by itself.

Talk about weird finds all around the world.

9. And there was news from above - and news from above has to be taken seriously. A skyscraper melted cars (yep, seriously) in London.

10. And Google Earth made a groundbreaking discovery ... a penis-shaped church (built by a Christian society) in a USA town called ... wait for it ... Dixon.

The best bit is the year is not over yet, so who knows what else might happen?

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