The biggest Ferris wheel on Earth

The biggest Ferris wheel on Earth

8 January 2014



HIGH rollers are battling it out to lay claim to having the biggest Ferris wheel on Earth and you might be surprised to learn which country is the front-runner.

WHEN it comes to tourist attractions, size does matter.

And that includes Ferris wheels.

The London Eye has held its position as the biggest Ferris wheel in the world since 2000, reaching a whopping 135m and adding an oomph to the London skyline that has other countries salivating.

China was next to get in on the game. In 2006 they introduced their own wheel of fortune, Star of Nanchang, which soared 165m above the ground.

They didn't hold the world's tallest Ferris wheel title for very long though; Singapore introduced their wheel to the world in 2008 with the 165m high Singapore Flyer.

The Las Vegas Strip is set to topple them all with the High Roller, due to open in February 2014. It will be the world's largest ferris wheel at almost 167m tall.

But there are two newcomers battling it out to take the crown from Vegas with completion dates yet to be confirmed.

Dubai is planning to open the Dubai Eye, inspired by the London Eye.

Its home? A newly constructed island ... just because they can.

Then there's Japan.

Like with the Dubai Eye, the height of their project is currently undisclosed, but the designer, UNStudio, has hinted that it could be twice the scale of the London Eye which would make it the biggest Ferris wheel on Earth.

The Nippon Moon will have double-decker capsules and take 40 minutes to rotate.

Let the games begin!

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