8 things hotels should get right ... but don't

8 things hotels should get right ... but don't

8 November 2013


WHEN you fork out a decent amount of cash on a hotel room you expect a certain level of service. So why are so many hotels still getting some of the basics wrong?

WHEN you fork out a decent amount of money to stay at a nice hotel, you expect it to be, well, nice. There are also a few things that are mandatory. You'd think after all these years hotels would have it down pat, but unfortunately not all of them do.

No mugs in the room

I like to drink my hot drinks out of a big mug, as do all of my family and friends. Tiny tea cups just don't do a coffee justice, or a hot chocolate, or even a cup of tea! Hotels need to upsize or offer both cups and mugs.

Not enough toilet paper

Running out of toilet paper in the middle of the night is no fun, and although it's easy enough to call reception and ask for more (in most cases anyway), it's not the ideal scenario for anyone involved.

Inadequate breakfast buffet hours

Holidays are for sleep-ins. Setting an alarm to make it to the buffet breakfast before it closes at 10am just doesn't feel right.

On-site gyms that don't open early

If you're on a business trip you've probably got a busy schedule, so using the gym before breakfast is sometimes the only way you're going to get exercise into your day. I've stayed at hotels where gyms didn't open until 8am. That just doesn't cut it with me when I have a 9am meeting.

Shower over bath

This one is a little picky and its validity depends on how much you're spending on the hotel. If you're shelling out a decent amount of money on a room, the shower and bath should be separate. Trying to shower in a bath is like dancing in a cupboard.

Staff that ignore "do not disturb" signs

Hotels provide these for a reason, so it's incredibly annoying when staff members don't pay any attention to them, especially when you're sleeping or, erm, not sleeping. Signs that easily fly off the door handle are also irritating as they end up on the ground and are easily missed.

Paying for wifi

Australia is really behind here. I've travelled all around Europe and Asia, and in most cases hotels offer wifi for free. In the majority of cases, Australian hotels are still charging stupid amounts for a decent connection. When you can get wifi in a public toilet block in Europe, you expect to be able to get a connection that's included as part of your stay at your hotel at home.

Dirt anywhere

Stains on towels, mud on the ground, rubbish left behind … I've seen it all and none of it makes for a pleasant stay. What it does make for is the decision not to come back.

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