Africa's first underwater hotel room at The Manta Resort opens in Zanzibar

Africa's first underwater hotel room at The Manta Resort opens in Zanzibar

3 December 2013


THE first underwater room in Africa offers unsurpassed views ... underwater views that is. But are you brave enough to sleep under the sea?

IMAGINE yourself encapsulated within a turquoise blue bubble, watching shoals of colourful reef fish dart around. Welcome to Africa's first underwater room in Zanzibar at The Manta Resort.

The floating dwelling, designed by Swedish engineers, is made up of three levels - some above water, and some under it.

Although underwater rooms do exist in places such as the Maldives and Stockholm, this is the first one in Africa, and Pemba is renowned for being a great diving spot with a plethora of sea life found in the surroundings waters.

Underwater view of Africa’s first underwater room. Picture: Genberg Art UW Ltd, photo by Jesper Anhede.Source:NewsComAu

"After many years of planning, we finally opened The Manta Underwater Room to guests on the 1st November 2013. We opened The Manta Resort in August 2008. We have 16 rooms, and now with the underwater room we have 17," Matthew Saus, said.

"Only six guests have had the chance to stay so far, and the reaction is awe.

"Shoals of silver bait engulf the room with predators lurking in the background. Nights are action packed, especially feeding time when the spotlights are on. We have even had an octopus crawl over one of the windows."

Those lucky enough to snag a night or two in the room have the chance to really immerse themselves in the underwater world.

"I guess the right word for it is privilege, as you certainly do feel privileged to be part of this world," Saus said.

And hey, if you don't mind sealife watching you sleep ... or not sleep ... it could just well be the best room in the world.

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