Luke Harding went out clubbing in Oldham and woke up in Paris

Luke Harding went out clubbing in Oldham and woke up in Paris

20 November 2013


LUKE Harding has the best party story ever. The teen went out drinking in England and woke up the next morning in Paris. Talk about a hangover!

LUKE Harding, 19, has the best party story ever. The teenager went out drinking in Oldham, England, and was finishing up his night at Tokyo Project nightclub when he jumped in a cab to get home.

But instead of hitting his bed, he spontaneously decided to go to Paris! The taxi driver took Harding to Manchester Airport where he boarded an early morning flight to the romantic city. Harding booked the flight online using his phone and luckily (or not) had his passport on him as he'd been using it as ID that night.

The next thing the factory sheet metal worker remembers is waking up in a toilet in Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport.

He has become a bit of a Twitter sensation after his posts went viral. "Only woke up in the toilets of Charles de Gaulle Airport an hour ago and half of Oldham know haha," he Tweeted. "Don't remember the flight. It's f-king expensive here though."

Although the teen found Paris expensive he was able to sit down for a coffee and a crossiant - a true Parisian experience. Seeing as he planned to fly home later that day, he decided the line to climb the Eiffel Tower was too long, but he was able to walk past the iconic building a few times.

After forking out more money for a return flight, Harding made it back to Manchester that evening where his mum picked him up at the airport.

Talk about a pricey night on the town.

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